Tutorial on How to Train Your Dog to Walk on Leash

All dogs that you have seen in TV shows have received extensive training. That goes for your dog too. You should be able to take your dog for a walk or to a veterinarian without having any many problems. If you can’t, then you will need to know how to train your dog to walk on leash properly. Even a small sized pooch can spoil your walking fun if he pulls, spins and jerks you around. Good leash skills are very important for the safety for your dog and your own. How to train your dog to walk on leash will depends on many aspects of the training. This will need some time and effort but the rewards will be huge and eventually your dog will be a pleasure to walk.

Before You Start Training Your Dog to Walk on Leash

Check your equipment first. Your dog needs a suitable collar to fit him properly and a proper leash. You can get prepared some rewards for your dog and a clicker if you want to use one. Or you want always use the “Yes!” to acknowledge his good behavior.

If your puppy or dog has never been leash trained before, you can start off with short, positive sessions. It’s always good to train your dog to walk on one side so that he doesn’t obstruct you when you go back and forth.

How to Train Your Dog to Walk On a Leash

How to Train Your Dog to Walk On a Leash

Step By Step Training

  1. You have to capture your dog’s correct behavior. No matter how unruly your dog may be, there’s some occasion when he will stop his berserk behavior or may even turn to look at you.
  2. The moment the leash goes slack, mark and reward.
  3. If your dog is reasonably well-mannered, then reward him occasionally as to give him a reference point. If he gets excited and forgets his manners, be sure to mark and reward him when he resumes his well-mannered walking.

If your dog already has the habit of pulling, then you must do two things to convince him. Pulling you will not hasten his arrival and walking well-mannerly will earn him a reward. There is this “no forward progress” approach to pulling. So if your dog pulls you towards his goal, you just stop in your tracks. Eventually, you dog will notice this and stop pulling, once he stops pulling, mark and reward and then continue walking. Repeat the process if he do it again. You may have to spend a couple of days repeating this process.

Eventually, your dog has to learn to stay on one side of you. Usually, it’s on the left side. If your dog circles, going back and forth, you will have to train him up using these steps.

  1. Have your leash at an appropriate length so that he cannot easily leave your side. But not too short though.
  2. At the same time, lure him to the correct side where you want him to be with tiny treats and marking the correct behavior.
  3. When he understands, stop luring, but reward him for staying at the side. Give him a treat every few steps then increasing the distance until the habit is formed without any treats.

Well, that’s all for all the tips on how to train your dog to walk on leash. Hope all these tips helps.