Staying clean is the best way to a healthy life. We try our best to keep our homes, surroundings and ourselves clean. In keeping other things clean we forget that keeping our pets clean is as important as keeping our own selves. Grooming and cleanliness is the most important thing if we want our pets to stay healthy.

Dog Bathing Tips

Keeping care of the tidiness of pets might become problem for some people specially the ones who own dogs.  Dogs are the loveliest and friendly pets but when it comes to taking bath many of them can become very stubborn. Many dogs usually don’t prefer taking baths but this can be taken care of with few techniques. Use these techniques when you have to give your dog a bath and it won’t be a problem for you ever again.

Take Away the Fear

Firstly you have to take away the fear of the unknown from your dog. Your dog should know that it is bath time and nothing is a surprise in it. Make a cue for your dog. You can use word like “bath” or and hand gesture for it.

Warm Water

One of the most important thing is, use warm water. Warm water would help your dog relax. Cold water would freak your dog and would make him run away from the bath. Cold water is usually seen as a shock. Place an anti-skid mat or a towel on the bottom of your tub. Many dogs struggle in the bath because their feet slip when they can’t gain traction. You can also use a grooming tether or a nylon collar and leash to keep better control of your pet while he’s in the bath — just keep a watchful eye to reduce the rick of choking or other injury.

Don’t Douse

Don’t douse your dog with running water. Dousing water while taking bath make dogs nervous. Use a washcloth to wash your dog’s face — it’s less frightening than running water splashing over his snout. Hold your dog’s nose and chin up at an angle when running water over his neck and the top of his head; his nose should be the highest point. This prevents the water from running down into his nose or eyes.

Pet Shower Spray

Use a pet shower sprayer attachment, to bathe your pooch. This nifty gadget allows you to bring the water to your dog with the long hose and spray attachment; water flow on the sprayers can also be adjusted to the pressure that fits your dog’s comfort level. It’s less terrifying for a dog to have water flowing from a source that can be brought to the direct area where he is already standing in the bath than to be forced into running water under the faucet or the shower sprayer.

With these tips, bath time should be a more relaxed experience for both you and your dog.