Dogs are one of the most adorable pets. They can be your best friends and your best pets at the same time. The time you spend with your dog becomes a treat when it behaves in the way as expected from it. Best dog behaviors come from best dog training. If your dog has been trained well you would not be facing behavioral problems from it.

From people prefer to buy dogs who have been already trained. On the other hand if you decide to train your dog yourself, it becomes an engaging and an amazing experience at the same time. The major lines on which a dog can be trained on are eating, toilet bathing and many others. Read along to find the easiest and enjoyable toilet training techniques for your dog.

Toilet Training Tips For Your Dog

I believe that toilet training is the most essential thing. If your dog spends time indoor and you don’t want to ruin your house with dog waste, you MUST toilet train your dog. Toilet training is no easy thing. It requires, patience and techniques. But with right training steps you can train your dog while having a good experience.
The best training time is 3-4 months. There are two reasons for choosing this age. If you start early, your puppy won’t have a lot of bladder control and training would go in waste. While on the other hand if you start later, the dog learns slowly and the training period would be longer.

Regular Mealtimes

Meal times affect a lot on the toilet times of your dog. If you do not feed you dog on the right time it would start having toilet problems. The toilet timings would become irregular and you would have to be all time ready for it. Proper meal times should be set which should not be varied. No other snacks should be given. Food should only be provided within meal times.

Toilet Opportunities

Your dog should have frequent opportunities for the toilet. The dog should not be confined inside the hours for too long that it has to wait for the toilet. The first thing to do in the morning is to take you dog outside. Take your dog outside in the morning, it would provide it with fresh air and opportunity for the toilet. Take your dog out after every 50-60 minutes and after meals and nap times. This would let our dog know that it is only allowed to do toilet outside.

Same Spot

Choose a spot for your dog’s toilet. Once you choose this spot take it outside to the same spot. The dog would recognize this spot as toilet spot and would know the timings.

Stay with the Dog

Once you take you dog outside for toilet you need to stay with it. You must stand with your dog until it is done or your know that it is not toilet time. This helps your dog to know that it is not play time rather toilet time. This would also help you note about how many times your dog needs to go to toilet and if anything is wrong.


Appreciation is the most important thing. Praise your dog when it is done. Your dog should know that it has done something important. Once it is done treat your dog with something it likes, walks work best for this thing.