A mannered and trained dog always manages to impress people. If the dog behaves well it is going to win many more hearts. Dog training is a tough and time consuming job. If you train your dog you get involved in a tough yet engaging experience. You can start training your dog by taking baby steps. Train your dog according to your standard so that you both are more attached.

Basic Dog Training Commands

First start with teaching your dog some basic commands. Until you dog knows these commands it would be very difficult to communicate with it. By teaching you dog these commands you start a two way communication with you dog. It would know what you want it to do and when to do. So here are some essential commands to teach your dog.


Start with the easiest thing. This is the easiest command to teach and basic as well. First hold something to eat in you hand and take it close to your dog’s nose. Move your hand so that your dog follows it and lowers its body. Once your dog is in the sitting position say “SIT”. Repeat these steps until your dog is familiar with it. It might take a few day to learn. Try it during walks and meal times without the treat.


This is one of the most important command. This command brings the dog back to you. It would let your dog know when it has to be with or when you want it to come back to you. Put a leash and collar on your dog. Go down to his level and say, “Come,” while gently pulling on the leash. When he gets to you, reward him with affection and a treat. Once the dog has learned with the leash, remove it and try without it.


Teaching your dog this command can be one of the most difficult task. This can be more difficult if you have a hyper active dog. No dog would prefer to sit in a submissive position when it has the opportunity to run around. Find a particularly good smelling treat, and hold it in your closed fist. Hold your hand up to your dog’s snout. When he sniffs it, move your hand to the floor, so it follows. Then slide your hand along the ground in front of it to encourage his body to follow its head. Once it in the down position, say “Down,” give it the treat, and share affection.


This command is linked to the command sit. Before you try this command make sure that your dog has learned to sit properly. First, ask your dog to “Sit.” Then open the palm of your hand in front of you, and say “Stay.” Take a few steps back. Reward him with a treat and affection if he stays. Gradually increase the number of steps you take before giving the treat. Always reward your pup for staying put — even if it’s just for a few seconds.